301 vs. 302 Redirect: Which One is Best for SEO?

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There’s been a lot of confusion on which redirect to use for search engine optimisation. If you’re an artist, you may need the help of web designers who are familiar with web design for artists and are aware of the most suitable redirect to use for SEO. There have been lots of articles that were written about the 301 and 302 redirects before and a lot of people have suggested that the 302 redirect may not pass the Page Rank and that the 301 redirects are much more suitable for SEO.

But is this still the case in 2018? Let’s find out:

Using 301 Redirects

Do you have to use 301 redirect if you want to permanently move content from one web page to another? The answer is yes. If you want to make sure that the search engine understands that your URL or universal resource locator has been moved permanently to a new location with the same amount of content, then you definitely should use the 301 redirect. Now if you’re wondering if the 301 can pass PageRank, yes, it can.

Using the Redirect That’s Better for Your Situation

If you are only concerned with Google, you don’t really need to be as concerned about redirects anymore. If you’re going to follow Google’s advice and use the kind of redirect that you believe is more appropriate to your given situation, then you probably won’t have any indexing issues with Google. However, if you’re based in the United States, Google might not be the only one you will have to worry about. Last year, Bing claimed to have 33% of the market share.

Worldwide Optimisation

If you are optimising for web users based in China, in which Google currently has only 1.5% of the market, then you should care more about what Shenma and Baidu are saying regarding redirects instead of what Bing or Google is saying. You must also use permanent redirects for the permanently moved URL just to be sure.

Best Practice

If you are redirecting one URL to an equivalent content and you don’t expect for such content to go back to the original URL and you want the link equity to pass sooner than later, then you should opt for the 301 redirect. Generally, you can never go wrong with a 301 redirect when redirecting a permanently moved equivalent content for the SEO of the web design for artists.

What Redirect to Use for SEO?

If you are still confused on what redirect to use for SEO, then ask yourself this question – is your old content similar to the new content? If the answer is no, then use the 404. Otherwise, ask yourself if your old content will be coming back. If yes, then go for the 302. But if not, then use the 301. Don’t worry if you still can’t figure it out. If you’re hiring a professional who’s knowledgeable about web design for artists, then they should be able to take care of this for you.