5 New SEO Trends That Will Change Digital Marketing

Wooden block that spell out "SEO"

As digital marketing becomes more and more important for businesses, the role of search engine optimisation has become significantly important as well. Indeed, SEO plays a huge role in getting people to check out your website. Remember that if you don’t play by the rules that Google sets, it won’t be too long before your website’s traffic plummets. If your business is based in the UK you might be thinking about investing in the best web design. But aside from giving importance to your web design, you must also be aware of the latest SEO trends that could influence your digital marketing.

  1. Influence Marketing and Link Building

Nowadays, influence marketing is on the rise and it has become extremely effective in some industries. Aside from merely creating direct conversions, influence marketing can also help land high-level links faster while helping your website rank better in terms of your products and services. This is another effective means for marketers to acquire links and increase the authority of their website as a whole.

  1. Social Media Searches

More and more people are turning to social media platforms to do a search instead of relying only on search engines. And although search engines are still the main search tool, they are slowly transitioning to become a secondary platform. As this trend continues to increase, it’s becoming more important for your website’s content to be optimised for social media just as much as it’s optimised for search engine. This also comes with the added benefit of using paid and organic targeting.

  1. Video Engagement

User’s engagement with videos has been trending very fast lately thanks to user-friendly smartphones and social media, as well as faster Internet speeds. Search engines now recognise this trend in user behaviour and they reward companies that appeal to the preferences of the current users. In fact, the experts behind web design think that there will soon be a vast improvement in image and video recognition by search engines.

  1. Voice Search

The use of virtual assistants for voice search services, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, provides recommendations according to organic results. Optimising the keywords in your website to conversational phrases could result in long-tail successes. Generally, only the top rank result gets recommended by voice search assistants and getting into that position will be easier if you’re able to exactly match the conversational phrasing.

  1. Rich Media Content

The trend these days is to shorten your copy and then get straight to the point. Before, there used to be a 600-word minimum for copies but this is no longer applicable now. Instead, there should be a focus on adding rich media content in the form of graphics and videos. It’s all about the content these days and not how long the content is. If you have the right content, your visitors will keep on coming back for more which will definitely pay off in the long run. This is why when you hire web design, they will make sure to add rich content into your website.