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Why You Should Think Mobile First

In an age where a majority of the population practically lives on their phones, it boggles the mind to find that most businesses - big and small- are still so out of touch with this crucial medium. Research shows that a customer’s first encounter with...

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Website Design Pricing in 2018

How much should I pay for a website design? If you’re working with a developer or designer to create your site, then you’ve probably asked yourself this question already. Website design pricing varies greatly from one provider to the next, and there are quite a...

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Top 5 Web Design Tips for a Professional Site

While beautiful design and engaging content contribute a lot to a successful website, you cannot overlook the value of a functional site that’s easy to use and understand. We’re not saying that you should conform to a particular style, but rather that it’s a good idea...

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5 Practices of Effective Web Design

While you may think that you have a professionally designed website, it is ultimately the satisfaction of the users- your customers- that will determine whether or not you’ve employed good website design. Of course, a lot of factors go into the functionality of a website,...

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5 Best Web Design Companies for Small Businesses

As any good web designer will tell you, small businesses have completely different needs and requirements when compared to bigger entities, which is why web design services for small businesses tend to be quite unique and in most cases, customized. Also, smaller companies operate with...

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4 Web Design Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

Your business website is a very important part of your company’s branding and marketing strategy. The website should be able to answer your customers’ questions while making it easy for them to purchase your product or service. Poor business website design could lead to massive...

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