How to Improve Your‘About’Page

creative woman working on user interface at office

Remember that your “About” page is one of the most visited pages on your website. Yet, instead of creating this page with the utmost care that it deserves, a lot of website owners simply rely on generic and corporate paragraphs. Thankfully, you can opt for a web site design package that includes crafting an informal and engaging About Me page.


But just in case you need some tips, here’s how you can beef up your About Me page.


  1. Be Consistent with the Personality of Your Website


If you have written fun and informal blog posts and articles in your website in a casual but engaging tone, you should also have the same personality for your “about” page. It’s important that you are consistent with your website’s content. Regardless of the personality that you’ve cultivated for your site, your“about” page should be consistent with the theme so as to maximise the flow in between pages and avoid cognitive dissonance.


  1. Include Videos and Pictures


Your website visitors click on the “About” page simply because they want to know the people behind the website and who they are going to do business with just in case they decide to purchase your products or services. They will basically look for reasons why they should choose you over your other competitors. Therefore, look for a web site design package that can help you come up with an enticing “about” page that includes videos and pictures.


  1. It Shouldn’t Be All About You Only


Although the “about us” page should essentially talk about you, don’t just make it all about you only. Sure, you can showcase some attributes and achievements, but don’t forget the other members of your team. But remember that your customers are not really interested in viewing your resume. What they really want to know from you is what you can offer to them. They want to know how you can provide the products or services that they need and how you can solve their problems.


  1. Create Content Based on Your Website’s Goals


One of the most common mistakes that several business owners make when crafting the “about us” page is to think about their own purpose as being informational. And although this is an important consideration, remember that this shouldn’t be your only goal for these powerful pages. Just like with the rest of the pages on your website, your“about” page must have a goal and that is to have a content that would trigger them to make a purchase.


  1. Think Like a Storyteller


Good storytellers are the best writers because they have the great ability to capture the audience’s attention from the start until the end. Thus, your “about” page should be able to do the same thing! It should be flowing and appealing, and highly narrative as well. That’s why you should look for a web site design package curated by a web designer capable of creating an interesting “about” page for your website.