Welcome Consultation

£149.99 + VAT


Welcome Consultation is a service we offer so that rather than completing online forms to supply us with your brief and requirements, it will be done on the phone with one of our specialist advisers.


Many of our customers choose to do submit their information via our straightforward online questionnaire nevertheless we know that some people prefer to do things over the phone or might find it a little easier to explain what they are trying to achieve this way. If this sounds like you then we advise our Welcome Consultation service.


If you opt to include the Welcome Consultation to your package, as soon as you have paid and created your account we will contact you to arrange the telephone consultation at a suitable time. On average this phone call takes about 30-45 minutes, after which we will have the brief completed and all the information we need to get your project started.


Set up and training completed over the phone, with screen sharing.

  • No forms to complete
  • Consultation advisory process
  • Perfect for the less techy people.


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