Legal Documents – GDPR Policy Privacy & Cookie Policy, Website Terms & Conditions


Does your business have all the legal documents to be GDPR Compliant and compliant with UK Legislation? If not then let our professional legal team produce the legal documents you require to be fully compliant.


Ensure your website is legally compliant. All websites need to have a GDPR Policy, Privacy & Cookie Policy and Website Terms & Conditions. These pages don’t just help protect you from a legal point of view, but in addition, it also ensures credibility and website visitor confidence in your business.  Our Legal team will can provide you with industry generic policies to ensure you are compliant with UK Legislation.

Please note: These documents will be based on the industry standard and generic. The documents will specify your Company Contact information and details. The documents will not be tailored to your industry or business practices. We recommend that you always seek legal advice to ensure that you are fully compliant with the law.