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We are the one-stop shop for Website Design & Online Marketing, to all business sizes; from start-up businesses all the way through to established enterprise brands.

The Web Designer Group has successfully worked with thousands of businesses in the UK and Internationally to become a market leader for Website Design & Online Marketing.

Our workforce is made up up of over 70 highly talented individuals, from specialist Adobe Designers, Geeky Coders and friendly account managers. Our brand has been featured on Business Matters, The UKs largest business magazine for entrepreneur, start-up & small and medium-enterprise (SME), Heart FM, Google, Microsoft, and so many more for our high quality, quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

We understand every aspect of Web Design, from simple Brochure Web Design all the way through to enterprise Website Development.

We have helped so many small and medium sized businesses to get their business Website online.

We design and build over 10,000+ Bespoke Websites every year! And on average a new customer website goes live in just 3 working days, once the website brief is completed.

Whether your business requires Web Design, Website Development or Search Marketing; we will help you achieve a Bespoke Website that is tailored your business needs.

Are you on a budget or are looking to go all out, you will find our prices to be compelling competitive without negotiating on the quality.

We design and build all of our Websites here in the UK!

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer unlimited Website revisions until you are another happy customer of ours. We are rated EXCELLENT by Trust Pilot and 5 Star by Google.

Bespoke Web Design

Website Design for small business & Web Design Services For Small Business

Whether you are a start-up business or you have an established business, we will help your business attract new customers and expand your business reach using modern technology. If you would like to discuss your Website Design project or have any questions regarding online marketing, our friendly staff are always happy to have a chat; Call us today on 0800 09 88 508

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Custom Websites designed tailored to your business

Web Design

Custom designed online shop with feature rich Ecommerce functionality

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& Security

Expertly coded web development & enterprise level security

Search Engine

Rank higher and get more website visitors

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Target highly competitive keywords with a Google Ads PPC Campaign

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Attract new customers and expand your reach with Social Media Marketing

A simple and affordable way to get your business online

Having a Custom Website built by us, is affordable, simple and expeditious. A website is one of the most important marketing tools you will need in current times.

Bespoke Website Design

Whether you are starting out or your are an established business, we can tailor a business website to your exact requirements. We pride ourselves in being a transparent pricing Web Design Agency, so you can simply pay for the additional extras you need.

From £295


Whether you are starting new business venture, or have an Einstein complex Website project; we have years of knowledge and expertise in helping businesses create the right Web Solution. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions about your new website, and can also assist you with marketing your brand online.

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The Web Designer Group - What Makes a Good Website

Regardless of what you are selling or who you are selling to, a website is where potential buyers base their first impression on regarding your business.

A website does more than please the eye, too, as a good site will function as the best sales tool. If the website developers you hire make your site fragmented or outdated, it will definitely not be as effective and it will only hurt the image or reputation of your business.

What not a lot of people know is the fact that a site that’s successful is not one-dimensional. In fact, it’s multi-faceted. It touches on several different elements that all contribute to the creation of a central hub, which operates as your business operations’ nucleus.

So, what really makes an effective website?

First and foremost, your website must be easy to find. We are not saying that your site must be the first on Google’s search results; however, it should be easy to locate by both Google and your users. The pages of the site must have meta tags and relevant titles that communicate page themes clearly. HTML sitemaps must be categorized properly as well so users can easily find the content that they’re looking for. This is just one of the many tasks of website developers!

Additionally, it is important that your robots.txt has an XML sitemap, so Google can easily process, as well as discover any new content when it is crawling your site.

Apart from being easy to find, your website must also be easy to navigate! The Web Designer Group will help you drive an intuitive and simple user experience which will lead to increased conversions! Our company will bring together several different technical and visual elements in creating the best web experience and that includes:

  • Copy: Useful and compelling content keeps your audience engaged throughout the journey of buyers. The more tailored your content is in meeting the pain points of your audience, the more likely is your message to resonate with users.
  • Art: Principles that apply to web design are universal. There may be differences but that will depend on the audience that you want for your website. The design of your website should be able to inspire user action, inform, engage, and cultivate a strong connection.
  • Code: Websites that are well-written and visually appealing don’t matter without intuitive development. That is why you need excellent website developers as they can make your site easily navigable. Your site will also be built around certain behavioural elements that are capable of driving consumer action.

Your website shouldn’t just be easy to find and navigate. It should also be easy to scale! Although growth is good, outgrowing the most valuable asset of your business isn’t. The creation of an effective website is NOT a process that’s one-and-done! All of its aspects, from the CMS to marketing strategies, must be scalable in order to meet the evolving market demands as well as the growth of your brand.

If you are ready for a site that converts, talk to us today!

The Latest Website Design & SEO Tips & Tricks 2019

Find out about the latest Web Design & Online Marketing News... Checkout our latest SEO guides for the latest tips and tricks to rank you website higher in Google!

The Web Designer Group - UK Website Design at affordable prices

Your website is your shop window to the world. To ensure that you are maximising your online capabilities, your website needs to offer so much more than just information about the products and services you offer.

As experienced and highly talented web designers we are able to provide your business with a website that really works. We understand that in order to succeed it needs to look good, function well and be expertly coded to ensure that you always rank highly in search results.

Locally or globally, The Web Designer Group can help you to reach your target audience.

The Web Designer Group - Website Design Process

Planning to order a Website for your business, but unsure where to start? Our Web Design experts will hold your hand throughout the entire Web Design process. We will help guide and advise you on the right Website package for your business. We will then design your business website using the latest coding techniques and design trends to make your website stand out from the crowd. Rest be assured, as a Google partner we ensure your website is designed and built to the latest Google standards, making it Google Search friendly, so new customers can find your website.

The Web Designer Group - A Great Web Design Company

These days, everyone knows what a website is all about. And yet, some entrepreneurs are still thinking twice about hiring a web design company to help them build a website.

They think that a website is just a nice “add-on” that doesn’t necessarily help the bottom line. Nothing can be further from the truth as a website can, directly and indirectly, help your bottom line. Also, when you consider that the cost of a very simple website is usually peanuts compared to other business expenditures, having a site becomes a no-brainer decision.

Of course, before you can have a website, you need to build one. At this point, you have two options. You can either do it “in-house” or hire a web design company.

If you are serious about your company’s success, then it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional web design company like The Web Designer Group for many reasons.


Perhaps the biggest reason why you should hire The Web Designer Group is because they have superior expertise when compared to most “in-house” alternatives. After all, that’s what our business is all about.

Having experience in the field is very valuable. Experience results in a better-quality output. Also, it can greatly help in avoiding problems that you haven’t even begun thinking about. This also translates to money savings as you’ve avoided costly errors.

Increase Revenue

An experienced web design company can help you increase your revenue by suggesting and setting up an additional revenue stream.

For example, you may want to build a website for your graphic design business. An experienced web design company can suggest establishing an online graphics training school. Now you can take graphic designing jobs, and allow your spare graphic designers to do lessons for people who are interested in developing their artistic talents. This could be a great opportunity to earn income if the graphic designing jobs are going slow. Our company will help you set up the entire thing.

Build Credibility

Despite being in the information age, some human behaviours still haven’t changed. Perhaps the most relevant is the fact that humans would still prefer to do business with a company they trust.

These days, most people would give you higher credibility if you have a website.  For many, an aesthetically pleasing and functional website means that your business is serious in being competitive.

Last Advice

Although hiring website developers is generally the better option, keep in mind that not all operate with the same standards. You still have to do some digging around to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

The Web Designer Group is not only experienced, but we have experts who can help you maximize the use of your website. Customer service is top-of-the-line and our reputation is unquestionable.

The Web Designer Group - Affordable Website Design

If you are serious with your business, then having a website should be on your priority list. A website plays a vital role in the decision-making process of clients or consumers these days. In most cases, your potential clients or customers will check your website to gauge how credible your business is. Needless to say, if your site looks like it was built decades ago, then most would assume that your business is of “low quality,” and some will even think that your company may be questionable.

Thankfully, building a great-looking website doesn’t mean burning a hole in your pocket. The Web Designer Group offers affordable packages but since you are not paying premium prices, the chances of you running into a problematic web design company are higher. Fortunately, you can easily mitigate this risk by knowing everything you need about affordable website design firms like our company.

Know Your Needs

Before anything else, the first thing you need to assess is the needs of your business. The reason behind this is the turnaround time for building a website may range from as little as five days up to years in development. Of course, the longer the turnaround time is, the costlier the final bill will be.

The most significant factor that prolongs the turnaround time is the complexity of the website. Hence, you’d want to evaluate what you want your website to do so you can allocate the right budget. The Web Designer Group is known for its fast turnaround.

Be Realistic

Since you’re also looking for an affordable website, you also need to be realistic. If you want a website that works like or, then don’t expect it to come cheap as such sites are very complex to build.

Check the Website

Now that you have a better idea of what your website is going to be, it’s time to shop around for affordable website design companies.

The first thing to do is compile a list of web development companies. The more you can list down, the better. Once this step is done, you’d want to filter your choices.

To start narrowing down your options, you’d want to visit the website of the web development company you’re eyeing. Look around, and make sure everything is in order. Check the “contact us” and “about us” sections, and make sure they are properly done. If these sections look like they are half-built and/or there are glitches on the website, you might want to scratch that company from your list. After all, would you hire an interior designer who seems to have a homepage that’s poorly designed?

Customer Service

The level of customer service is very important. Keep in mind that building a website will take a lot of communication between you and the developer. Hence, the level of responsiveness is very crucial. If the affordable website design company takes too long or you have a hard time understanding the English, you might want to skip.

Building a website at an economical cost is not impossible. You just need to know how to find a good website design company. If you need a more specific recommendation, then take a look at the services we offer and send us an email so we can start working on your project immediately.

The Web Designer Group - Bespoke Website Design

If you want to hire a company to build a website, be it for personal or business use, you will most likely come across the words: “bespoke website.” For most people, the term catches them off guard, and they end up looking like a deer caught in headlights.

What is a Bespoke Website?

To make the term easier to understand, it’s better to start with the very basic. When the Internet was young, it was common for web developers to build websites from the ground up. Fast forward a couple of years, web developers realized that they can use the old design and just slap in new elements like photos, buttons, and different colour schemes. This practice was then called as template web design. The practice saved a lot of labour time and increased profitability from the side of the web developers.

It didn’t take long for the consumer side to realize that this was happening, so some web developers introduced the term bespoke website design as a means of differentiating themselves.

Nowadays, bespoke website translates to a website that’s largely built from the ground up. This also means that it’s unique, and it’s not a recycle design.

What’s the Big Deal? 

There’s nothing wrong with having a template website design. In fact, an experienced web developer like The Web Designer Group can build you a website from a template and still end up with an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate site. Also, since a template website significantly reduces the labour, it’s an option that is a lot more economical.

The problem is when you’re getting a price of a bespoke website, and you’re given a template site. Also, a bespoke website design has its own set of advantages.

First, it’s an option for clients that don’t want to feel as if they are cutting corners. This is especially true if you’re positioning your business for the high-end market. After all, you’ll have a harder time convincing the consumers that you are a luxury brand when you’re using second-grade materials.

Bespoke website design also translates to better security as there are only a few people who know the exact coding behind the website. Basically, the fewer people who know the code, the better the security will be.

Another advantage of bespoke website design is full customizability. Just like building a completely new house, you have maximum control over the elements and functionality.

The Most Important Thing

When it comes to bespoke website design, the most crucial thing is the reputation of the web developer. The Internet has millions of websites, and it’s near impossible to ensure that your website is bespoke. That means you’ll have to find a reputable web developer that will honour claims and promises.

If you need a recommendation for such kind of web developer, then you might want to check out our company. Not only is The Web Designer Group’s reputation unquestionable, but we are also one of the most experienced in the business.

The Web Designer Group - Web Design Packages

So, you have learned that a website that can tremendously help your business. For many, they start thinking in terms of what “packages” web designers are offering.

As a way to help you make things easier, The Web Designer Group will show some of the popular ways how web designers package their services. We will also include the limitation of packages, and what your best option is.

Number of Pages

For most web developers, the most common packaging is through the number of pages your website will include. In most cases, your options range from 3 pages to unlimited. Of course, the more pages you want, the more expensive the package gets.

One important question to ask the web developer is what do the pages include. Most importantly, does it include the “About Us” and “Contact Us”? It’s standard practice to incorporate these two pages. In fact, Google gives a higher preference for websites that include these pages.

The reason why this is important is because if you are opting for a 3-page package and this will already include the “About Us” and “Contact Us,” then you already have three pages when you include the homepage. If you want a page that describes your product or services in better detail, then you might have to unexpectedly shell-out more money.


When talking about a platform with regards to web development, this pertains to the underlying code that your website is going to be built upon. The most common platform these days are WordPress, TYPO3, Magento, and Joomla!

Since each platform requires specialized knowledge, The Web Designer Group often packages their services depending on the chosen platform. This is all due to supply and demand. For example, there are more WordPress developers compared to Magento, which is why websites built on top of Magento will be more expensive than a WordPress-based website.

Mix and Match

In many cases, our company will often segregate their services, and it’s up to you to mix and match. For example, you could have a 5-page website built on top of WordPress. Or, you could have a 20-page e-commerce page built using Magento.

Limitation of “Packages”

While packages allow for convenient pricing for the side of consumers, they quickly crumble when you want more features and more pages. This is because as the complexity of the job increases, the harder it is to define the price in terms of “number of pages”, platform or other forms of packaging.

In other words, price packaging is only useful when you are dealing with a simple website with fewer pages. If you want a website with plenty of content and features, it’s best that you talk to our support team and ask for a quote.

In most cases, web developers will often post a “price package” as a way of starting the conversation. This is not really unethical as website developing is a complicated subject, and it’s difficult to get the conversation going if both parties don’t have a starting point. Hence, don’t be surprised if a web developer will give you a quote after you have communicated what you want in a website.

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